NetNewsWire 3.2 Leaves Much to be Desired

NetNewsWire 3.2 is out, and is now stable. Somewhere around the same time, FeedDemon 3,0 was also released. This pretty much completes NewsGator plans to settle down with Google Reader as the synchronisation location, rather than Newsgator Online.

As a Mac, user however, NNW 3.2 came as a big disappointment. Especially when you look at what NewsGator has been able to achieve with FeedDemon. I have been following the NNW updates religiously, since NNW decided to move to Google Reader.

During this period of instability, I also moved to Gruml, which shows great promise to be a very good offline client for Google Reader, for Mac users. It, obviously has a long way to go.

Article Actions, Gruml
Article Actions, Gruml

I am very surprised by the lack of Google Reader features that are missing in NNW. Especially so, since the same company decided to make these available in their Windows equivalent. I am especially referring to sharing, liking, and sharing with notes and Twitter integration (Limited to sending articles to Twitterrific and I don’t use Twitterrific). Also, I cannot read items shared by others on NNW.

Article Actions, NetNewsWire
Article Actions, NetNewsWire

RSS Readers have a huge possibility, but a few seem to willing to exploit it and include features that makes the RSS experience valuable.

For now, it seems, I am switching between to Gruml and Google Reader for my feeds.

NetNewsWire 3.2 Leaves Much to be Desired

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