My Gruml Wishlist

I have been using Gruml now, and it seems that with the quick updates and the kind of updates, it is getting close to being the perfect offline tool for Google Reader.

With the release of version 0.9.10, Gruml has come closer to incorporating all Google Reader features and making it feature rich, beyond what Google Reader does.

Having said that, here’s a list of what I am waiting for:

  • More stable implementation of read/unread synchronisation. It seems to me (and I am not geeky enough to know this for sure) that Gruml does a continuous synchronisation with Google Reader. It beats the idea of having an offline reader, kind of. There may be folks who want live updates, however, I’d like an option to poll for feeds at specific intervals.
  • A feed reader is an assortment of all that you like on the Internet. Personal and Professional interests alike. For someone like me, who has multiple Twitter accounts, it would be nice to have multiple Twitter accounts to send updates from Gruml. A simple drop-down perhaps on the dialog that allows sending tweets?
  • And while we are on the Twitter issue, it would be nice to choose a URL shortening service. I being me, I wish that there is a way to shorten URLs through Also, For some reason the short-URL is at the end of the Tweet and you cannot add text after the URL. It would be nice if I could add my text before and after the URL.
  • This one is not just aesthetic, but a multi-line text-box would be nice when adding notes and sharing articles. When you are writing a longish note, a single-line text-box is not very useful. Oftentimes, its useful to edit the note before sharing it.
  • The current release has added a very interesting feature: post article to blog. Right now, this sends the entire article to the editor. If I have selected a specific text in the article, I’d like it to remember that and take only the selected text to the blog editor. If this same feature can be extended to Tumblr, what fun!
  • There are more simpler and common updates that are related to the look and feel (fonts, sizes and such), but I think those can come in later.

I’ll keep this post “alive” and update it as I think of more ways to make Gruml better. If I update it, I’ll let you know through Twitter.

My Gruml Wishlist

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