Browsers’ Upward Mobility

A colleague sent a link to this article on Read Write Web about Mobile Apps vs. Browser-based application. The full report is on the site if you would like to download.

According to Taptu, “it’s getting easier and easier to create rich touch screen user experiences with the browser without having to create platform-specific apps.” Taptu also points to increasing usage of open standard APIs, enabling Mobile Web developers to access “deeper device functions such as geolocation. (Via Mobile App or Browser-Based Site? Report Says The Browser Will Win on Mobile)

The browser has almost become the de-facto application for the desktop, so it is no surprise that the same should occur with the mobile device. “Platform wars” are never convenient for people who are agnostic to platforms – the browser provides just the right environment to developers of application. The article adds:

It seems then that commerce services are taking more advantage of mobile web browsers than gaming and entertainment providers. But why? Taptu says it’s because “many [Commerce] products and services do not really fit into Apple’s iTunes content-oriented billing system.”

Browsers, it seems are ready to take over yet another device!

Browsers’ Upward Mobility

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