Link This! Bookmarklet Alternative

One of the changes that WordPress did with the launch of a new interface is to remove the “Link This!” bookmarklet. If you did not know about it, then it quite doesn’t matter, but if you did and miss it sorely, then this is the post for you.

Read the FAQ item on WordPress, if you want to know more about what this was about.

So, if you are sorely missing this very useful bookmarklet, then:

(Instructions below apply to Firefox only. Also, I am on a Mac. Things shouldn’t be that different, if you get stuck somewhere, let me know)

1. Copy this code:


2. In the Firefox menu bar, select: Bookmarks > Organise Bookmarks.

3. Choose a folder where you would like to add this bookmark. (If you ask me, the Bookmark Toolbar is the best option)

4. Right-click the folder and select: New Bookmark

5. In the dialog box, in the Name field, type, “Link This Bookmarklet” (Or something similar)

6. In the same dialog box, in the Location field, paste the javascript above. Ensure you replace “YOURBLOGURL” with your blog’s URL in the code. (if an http doesn’t work, try https)

7. Fill in the other fields if you want to.

8. Save.

When you are on a page or a blog that you would like to add to your blogroll, click this button (if you selected the Bookmark Toolbar) or select this bookmark from where you saved it. A pop-up of your blog’s dashboard panel for Add Link should appear. You will need to be logged in.

Hope this helps.

PS: Use at your own risk. If you aren’t too savvy with this kind of stuff, ask a friend. I am not a geek either so I wont be able to fix things like your browser crashing or something terribly going wrong. Also, if you are on a Windows machine, things may be different, and I am getting a bit amnesic to the Windows operating system.

In any case, if you don’t add too many items too often to your blogroll, this isn’t that useful. It is just convenient.

Link This! Bookmarklet Alternative