The Reluctant Entrepreneur

I recently finished listening to the Audio Podcast: Inside the Mind of a Reluctant Entrepreneur [iTunes], by Jeff Hawkins in two trips to my office. This 57-minute podcast starts with Jeff’s talk on how he found his passion, how, just reading an article has consumed him and helped define his passion.

After I heard the podcast, I was a bit amused by the title. Jeff makes a good case for his reluctance – primarily from the point of view of how he wanted to really, really spend time on his passion – neuroscience, and how he was apparently sucked into running companies.

Towards the end of the podcast, he summarises what he has learnt over the years, and it is then, that I felt it was not so much reluctance as it was his unconventional way of being an entrepreneur. Today’s entrepreneur is fairly stereotype and is fairly recognisable. Jeff has chosen to do things differently – mostly on how he has guided and has been guided by his passion.

This is a very interesting podcast, and wherever and whenever you do have about an hour to spare, it is worth plugging into. It’s funny, straight and simple.

What are your thoughts of being an entrepreneur?

The Reluctant Entrepreneur